• Sep 10, 2013
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Innovation for Your Home - Introducing Innovia Carpet

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innovia carpet


The newest carpet in town is inspired by nature. Using the latest in fiber technology, Innovia carpet is made of a stain resistant fiber that repels stains. But, it’s not just a stain treatment that wears off after time. The fibers themselves are actually stain resistant.

Innovia carpet is incredibly soft but it can stand up to the most active households. Innovia is also made partly from renewable resources for lower environmental impact.

Carpet that is kind to nature, repels spills, resists fading, and is incredibly soft. How could it get any better than that? Well, there’s also a softer Innovia – Innovia Touch. You really won’t believe how soft this carpet is.

How can this all be possible? Here’s the technology behind this beautiful carpet. Ordinary carpet has approximately 70 filaments per bundle. Not bad, right? Well, Innovia has 144! That means those fibers are fine and soft but, but because there are so many of them sticking together in a bundle, they are also strong. And, guess what? Innovia Touch has an astonishing 360 filaments per bundle.

Innovia Comparison


This is something you have to feel to believe! Learn more and shop at http://www.carpetone.com/innovia and http://www.carpetone.com/innovia-touch or your local Carpet One Floor & Home store.

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