• Apr 15, 2014
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The Natural Look of Hardwood Floors

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When you think of nature, what comes to mind? Trees perhaps? And what comes from trees? That’s right, wood. So, it’s only natural that when creating a look inspired by nature, hardwood flooring is a go-to option.

The beautiful grains of wood and the natural hues just scream nature!

If you’d love to bring a little nature into your home with hardwood floors, take a look at these inspiring floors.

Light Hardwood Floor from Carpet OneNatural variations in the hardwood add dimension and a unique flair to your floor.

Living Room hardwood floors from Carpet OneA wider plan gives this hardwood floor a more casual look and shows off the natural grain.

Rustic Hardwood Kitchen Floor from Carpet OneRustic wood flooring looks natural and will conceal any scratches from wear and tear.

Living Room with Honey Hardwood Floors from Carpet OneFor a little sleeker nature inspired look, choose a hardwood floor with glossy finish and square edge.

Rustic Living Room with Hardwood Floor from Carpet OneA dark stain creates a warm and cozy feeling.



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