Engineered Hardwood in Wyoming

Are engineered boards right for you? Are they easy to maintain? Find out here!

engineered hardwood in wyoming

Engineered flooring is the spitting image of solid wood, but easier and faster to install. But are engineered boards right for you? Are they easy to maintain? Take a deeper look into this type of flooring preferred by many homeowners. 

Engineered flooring was invented in the 1960s; this innovative material has improved the performance and appearance of approximately 30% of all existing wood flooring purchased all across America. It’s available in several dozen wood species types to suit the décor of the homeowner and can be imbued with a range of surface effects to create the look of a timeworn patina or a rough hand scraped appearance. These state of the art boards can be ideal for just about any house they are used to enhance whether it's a vintage Tutor building or a modern multi-family condominium. 

In many cases, even trained professionals will have trouble telling the difference between engineered boards and hardwood flooring. Once installed, engineered flooring has a real wood covering over layers of less expensive material to simulate everything we love about hardwood without any of the drawbacks. Most come with a finish that will outlast any applied to genuine solid wood, and they’re ready to support foot traffic as soon as they are installed. They can be used where ordinary boards won't fit, like basements or on concrete. 

Care for these boards is very easy and convenient. By simply mopping using a microfiber cloth and an ordinary wood floor cleaning solution they will be good to go.