hardwood in winterHow To: Protecting your Wood Floors During Winter

Winter is around the corner. We are very close to that time of the year when homeowners get concerned with wood floor gaps created by cold temperatures. To prevent problems with your wood floor in the winter, it is important to take control of the humidity levels. How? We share with you the best tricks in this article.

Humidifiers Increase Humidity Levels

Hardwood floors absorb moisture from the air within your home. When there isn't enough moisture, the hardwood floors will become brittle and squeaky. Left untreated, the gaps between the floor boards in your home can widen, causing dirt and debris to fall through the cracks. Wood that sits in low humidity for too long is prone to breaking. It is essential to maintain proper humidity levels in your home when the weather is dry.

Not only the weather will decrease humidity levels, so will turning on the heat in your home. When you need to increase humidity levels to protect your wood flooring, experts recommend using a humidifier. You can set the humidifier to your desired humidity level, and when that level is reached, the humidifier will shut off. You will have to check your humidifier at least once a day to make sure that there is enough water in it to keep humidity levels up. To help maintain your wood flooring, you should focus on achieving a humidity level of 45% in your home.  A humidity reading of less than 30% is too low, and you will begin to notice problems. The moisture levels in your home are important for your health, and to the integrity of the wood structures within your home. Protect your wood flooring in winter by balancing the humidity levels in your home. When you have invested in quality wood flooring for your home, it's important to know how to take care of your hardwood. If you notice that you suddenly have a squeaky floor when it's walked on, check the humidity level to see if it's too low. Improve the longevity of your wood flooring.

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