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Your locally owned retailer, Gales Carpet One Floor & Home in Riverton, is here to help you find your perfect match with laminate. Laminate is the ideal floor for those who want a flooring solution that looks like hardwood without the cost. All of the laminate options can be overwhelming as a consumer, but we can assure you that our flooring professionals will guide you toward an excellent choice for your lifestyle and design.

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Laminate vs Hardwood

Several years ago, laminate was not as popular as it is today. Many of the laminate products did not look realistic; instead, they looked cheap and unauthentic. Changes in technology have shaped the laminate industry in the last few years. Today, laminate is created using advanced digital printers that mimic the knots and genuine look of hardwood. Because of these advances in technology, laminate has become one of the most popular choices by combining the authentic look of wood without the cost.

Unlike solid hardwood, laminate is made of a synthetic material with several layers. Solid hardwood is more expensive to produce because of the way it has to be processed. Solid hardwood is also susceptible to warping due to changes in humidity and moisture. Laminate floors are not as likely to warp and have the advantage of better durability. Some laminates are also waterproof. Laminate cannot be refinished like solid hardwood; however, if you have an active household laminate is a great cost-conscious option.

Where Can Laminate Be Installed?

Laminate flooring can be installed in the same spaces as solid or engineered hardwood. Bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and kid’s playrooms are great rooms for laminate. Laminate floor is also durable enough to resist scuffs and scratches in high traffic areas and high activity rooms. Therefore, it can also be installed in hallways, on stairs, and in kitchens. Its likelihood to warp is low, so the weather will not harm this type of floor.

Our Laminate Flooring Selection

We offer many popular laminate brands as well as some exclusive Carpet One Floor & Home brands like Laminate for Life™. As your local flooring retailer, we specialize in all types of floor. Come in to see the showroom and speak with one of our flooring experts to get your next floor project started.

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Learn More About Laminate Flooring

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Choose Laminate

Laminate brings the look of hardwood with a significantly smaller cost associated. It is also easier to maintain. Find out more below.

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Laminate Maintenance

Accidental damage and maintenance issues are low risk with laminate floor. Sit back and relax knowing your floor can stand up to life. Click below to learn more.

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