Laminate Floors

All you need to know about laminates.

laminate floors

Laminate flooring offer homeowners affordable and beautiful options when they decide to purchase new floors. Laminates look like real hardwood floors but are easier to install.  Fusing four separate layers together, a laminate floor features a special backing that prevents moisture damage. Unlike real wood, a laminate floor does not bend or warp. Layered for extra strength, the flooring is available in various styles. Once quality laminate materials are installed, it is difficult to tell whether the floors are made from natural wood or synthetic components. Contrary to what a homeowner may think, a laminate floor is not exclusively synthetic. The inner core is made from real wood fibers mixed with resin. The combination of high-density fiberboard (HDF) and resin make the inner core an extremely durable substance. Quality flooring features a design layer that looks exactly like real wood. Technological advances give design layers the same types of textures seen in maple or cherry floors. The design even looks as though the material has authentic grains closely resembling those found in wood. The top layer people walk on is known as the wear layer which features a special coat of stain-resistant material. These four layers serve to create an extraordinarily strong floor.

Price variety

People can buy extremely inexpensive laminate floors, but the material may look somewhat unnatural. The more expensive type of material bears an extremely close resemblance to natural wood with the additional benefits of being easier to clean and maintain. Another advantage of installing a laminate floor is that the floor easily accepts scratches and water stains without any apparent damage. A floor made with laminate is less prone to the type of deterioration seen in natural wood. Also, it typically lasts a long time and does not develop rotten areas due to severe moisture damage.

It's all about your lifestyle

Families with children, dogs and cats discover that laminate flooring does not reveal scratches caused by favorite pets darting back and forth across the floor. Older seniors who do not like to clean their floors on a regular basis find that floors made with laminate materials suit their lifestyles. Generally speaking, laminates offer the ideal solution for busy folks who do not want to worry about maintaining their floors.