The Many Benefits of Hardwood

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the benefits of hardwood

When it comes to making your home look classy, beautiful and elegant, there's just nothing better than hardwood floors. Aside from looking great, they also give your home unparalleled warmth and increased value. Plus, wood simply never goes out of style. But the benefits of hardwood floors don't stop there. Read on to discover many more benefits of hardwood floors.

Benefits of hardwood floors

When you walk into a home with hardwood floors, you're more than likely blown away by their beauty, as well as the cohesiveness they bring to the whole house. Here are just a few more benefits of hardwood floors:

They're easy to clean and maintain. Because hardwood floors don't accumulate a lot of dirt, dust and debris, they're super easy to clean. A simple vacuuming and mopping routine will do the trick!

They're super durable. Hardwood floors are tough and can handle heavy foot traffic. Plus, if your floors do end up eventually needing an update, they can simply be refinished. Unlike carpeting and vinyl, they don't need fully replaced.

They increase your home value. Realtors everywhere will tell you that hardwood floors substantially increase the value of your property. As a result, hardwood floors are a great long-term investment and amazing for resale. Simply put, hardwood floors lead to a faster sale for a higher price. Plus, hardwood floors become more valuable as time goes by.

They improve your air quality and reduce allergens. Unlike many other flooring options, hardwood floors have no fibers, grout lines or embossing that can trap dust, pollen, animal dander and allergens. As a result, hardwood floors are perfect for people who suffer from allergies, as they give your home a much healthier air quality.

Engineered Hardwood

If you choose to install hardwood floors in your home, you'll soon realize that there are many different options. You'll have to choose between a variety of colors, styles, stains, finishes and more. Many people choose engineered hardwood. Not every room is suitable for all hardwood floor types, but engineered hardwood floors, on the other hand, can be installed in every area of your home, even bathrooms and the basement. Engineered hardwood is real wood flooring built in layers and then bonded together. It consists of a beautiful hardwood layer on top of multiple layers of high density fiberboard. This combination gives your floors superior strength and stability. Because of this enhanced stability, engineered hardwood floors are resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, which is why they can be easily installed in moisture-prone areas such as basements. When most people discover engineered hardwood floors, they soon realize that they've just discovered a hidden treasure.