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Bigelow Stainmaster

bigelow stainmaster wyoming

You will find in every household a room called the “family room”. This is the place where the little ones eat, watch movies, have their play dates and a lot of great memories are created. You decided it is time to change the flooring in that room, and since you enjoy the warmth and coziness carpets offer, that is the option you are thinking about.  Although that is what you envision, you are afraid you won’t be able to keep up with their maintenance or even find an option that will resist all with the activity in the room. We would like to present to you Bigelow Stainmaster, a brand that has all the attributes you are looking.  Bigelow Stainmaster is the ideal choice for consumers that desire the performance that the name of a

recognized brand in the industry entitles while still having a good assortment of styles to choose.



Why is Bigelow Stainmaster a Great Option?



Besides being a very soft carpet, Bigelow Stainmaster is constructed with nylon 6.6 fibers (a material that is more resistant than traditional nylon), which makes it more resistant to UV-rays, stains, and cleaning agents. It also has better resistance to crushing and matting. It offers excellent tuft retention for longer wear, which means it’s a great choice for active spaces. Its advanced soil resistance- allow for easy removal of dirt, with regular vacuuming your carpet will be clean of dirt.



 All Bigelow Stainmaster styles are covered by Carpet One Floor & Home’s warranties, which give you the peace of mind that you are investing in a carpet that will last and look great for many years to come.  Our unique warranties feature life of floor stain protection and excellent coverage for soiling, wear and texture retention. If you want more information about Bigelow Stainmaster, installation, our warranties and an official estimate, visit our store today.



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