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Hardwood Flooring Store in Riverton, WY

With our cold, dry winters, and hot summers, it can seem challenging to choose new hardwood flooring that’s made for the long haul. Not to worry, you can trust in the local hardwood experts at Gales Carpet One Floor & Home in Riverton, WY. With decades of experience selling and installing hardwood floors around the Northwestern Wyoming region, we can determine the best hardwood flooring for your property and perform a flawless installation.



Although hardwood flooring is an initial investment, it pays for itself over time with classic beauty and added property value. Our hardwood collections are designed to last the life of your home, saving you time and money overall. Explore from a wide variety of styles, trends, and price points when you shop with us.


Which Style & Species of Hardwood Flooring Should I Choose?


Modern hardwood flooring poses unlimited style potential, from traditional and timeless to trendy and modern. Whether you love the airy feel of a light wood floor, or you want something darker and more rustic, we have a style you’ll love. Choose from diverse tree species, including








Each has its own shading, grain patterns, and hardness levels. You’ll also find added features such as:







How Does The Weather Affect My Hardwood Flooring?


As beautiful as hardwood flooring looks, be aware of how it’s impacted by humidity and dry conditions. In chilly, dry conditions, hardwood planks shrink, leading to gapping. In wet, humid environments, wood can swell and warp. To prevent problems with your hardwood floor this winter, focus on achieving a humidity range between 30 to 50 percent. Tools like humidifiers and hygrometers can be used towards these goals. Engineered hardwood flooring or fully waterproof hardwoods tend to fare best in severe climates.


Is Engineered Hardwood “Real” Wood?


Engineered hardwood flooring is, indeed, made using multiple layers of composite wood that are laminated together with the grains running in different directions. This makes the planks more stable and durable. It’s available in dozens of wood species types to suit the décor of the homeowner and can be imbued with a range of surface effects to create the look of a timeworn patina or a rough hand scraped appearance. They can also be refinished in select cases.


What to Expect During Hardwood Flooring Installation?


Hardwood installation is a painstaking process: one best achieved by trained professionals. Following our free in-home measurements, our team will begin moisture testing to be certain your subfloors are suitable for hardwood flooring. Your subfloor should be flat and free of imperfections before installation starts.



Gaps are left between the planks and the walls to allow the hardwood to naturally expand. Solid and engineered hardwood options can be installed using different methods. Engineered hardwood can also be nailed or glued down, but also comes in a floating floor option, where the planks click together without adhesives.


Where Can Hardwood Be Installed?


Hardwood flooring is durable and long-lasting but has limits to where it can be installed. Solid hardwood should be kept in a dry, cool area of your home and looks best in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms where there is less foot traffic. Engineered hardwood’s layered construction provides more stability, so it can handle busy areas like kitchens and hallways, and even finished basements. You should never have hardwood installed in your bathroom or laundry room since wood naturally absorbs moisture.


Come Browse Our Hardwood Flooring Selection


Our selection of hardwood flooring is backed by our award-winning warranties and our flooring professionals can walk you through our options. You can not only find the best hardwood for your home with us, but we can also prepare you for what to expect during installation. We’ll help you with your next flooring project from start to finish.



To learn more about hardwood, visit our showroom location in Riverton, Wyoming, to talk with one of our experienced and friendly flooring specialists. We’re a local hardwood flooring provider for Fremont County and all Northwest, Wyoming.




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How To Clean Hardwood Floors


Caring for a hardwood floor requires a degree of devotion but needn’t take too much time out of your busy day!





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